The Takahashi laboratory is divided into two groups of wind group and Leo group according to the nature of the fluid. Each group is divided according to the research subject.
  • Wind Team : Research on fluid related vibration for Newtonian fluid such as water and air.
  • Rheology Team : Research on rheology (complex fluid) for non-Newtonian fluid such as surfactant, liquid crystal, polymer solution.

Interesting video on rheology

Weisenberg Effect

Phenomenon of liquid rising around the rod when the rod is put into a specific polymer solution and stirred and mixed

Open siphon

Fluid flow does not stop even if the liquid level is much lower than the mouth of the container

Tubeless siphon Part 1

Even if the mouth of the syringe does not stick to the liquid level, it can be inhaled

Tubeless siphon Part 2

Fluid that can be cut with scissors

It is a fluid, but it can be cut with scissors.

Walking fluid

The liquid dripping from the tip of the spoon slides on the surface of the liquid filled in the container

Hard-to-fall liquid

There are some fluids that flow, but some are difficult to flow

Circulate with chopsticks

It can also be wound up

Ball falling into surfactant Part 1

It turns out that the solution becomes cloudy

Ball falling into surfactant Part 2

You can see it stop for a moment without falling straight

Video shooting ; Ohhiro Hiroyuki, Sakata Daisuke(2004/10/14)