Laboratory Information. 研究室情報(永澤)

This infomation is presented by:
Shigeru Nagasawa ,
Last update: July 29th, 2020

Outline of Research field and activity (概要紹介)

Recent major works   (主な研究テーマの紹介)

Campus scenery
Facebook of 永澤 茂     Facebook of Shigeru Nagasawa
Special report, Pack & Box, 2011, November
Research Group of Diecutting Technology on Paperboard and Composite Materials

  • 2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering March 28-31, 2020 Osaka, Japan, >>IKE presented as an e-conference style. 
  • TubeHydro2019 November 18-21, (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) ⇒ JINA's updating
  • 5th STI-GIGAKU conference, 2020 October 30, Registration(coming soon): July 31th - September 7th
  • JSTP Committee of Polymer Processing    13th joint seminar will be held at Niigata, Japan 2021 Summer
  •  13th ICTP2021  held in Ohaio State University, USA., 2021 July 25-30,   abstract: September 1, 2020
  • 5th Int. Conf. on Materials Engineering and Manufacturing, Venue: Chiba University, April 16-19, 2021; Submission: November 25, 2020, Registration: January 5th, 2021